Yoga class in London

9 Best Places to do Yoga in London

Yoga isn’t just about keeping physically fit. It’s also about the fitness of the mind and total body well-being too. There are loads of health benefits, including increased flexibility, balance, dealing with stress, lowering blood pressure and staving off heart disease.

And in London there are tons of places that offer yoga classes. In fact, there are so many it can be a challenge knowing which one to choose. So with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the 9 best places in London to do yoga.

Jivamukti Yoga

Located in Ladbroke Grove, the glorious studio that is Jivamukti Yoga offers a wealth of different forms of the art. Typical classes last between 60-90 minutes, and all of the instructors are highly qualified.

The price plan offers different ways to pay, some of which offer exceptional value for money. For instance, you can pay £99 per month for an unlimited number of classes, pay £14-£16 per class on a ‘drop-in’ basis, or buy a multi class pack for discounts on between 5-25 classes of your choice.

Different types of yoga on offer, include Pranayama (focuses on breathing exercises), meditation and Vinyasa.

Indaba Yoga

Indaba Yoga can be found in Marylebone, so an excellent central location. A favourite hang out for model and actress, Lily Cole, the studio offers a great variety of different yoga classes, including Dharma Mittra (based on the yoga master of the same name) and Forrest Yoga.

The school boasts a great team of highly experienced teachers, each specialising in their own particular branch of yoga. Prices for classes start from £12 for a 45-minute ‘walk in’ class, through to an annual membership of £1100 for unlimited classes.


This Covent Garden yoga studio is one of the hottest spots of the moment to practise the arts. Yotopia offers both traditional yoga classes and Hot Yoga – where the class takes place in a specially designed hot and humid studio. This is proving really popular, with endorsements in various magazines and newspapers, including The Evening Standard and Glamour Magazine.

Cost are £16 for a single class, and £99 a month for an annual membership. You can also by blocks of 10 or 20 classes for £130 or £240 respectively.

Sohot Bikram Yoga

Sohot Bikram Yoga is popular with celebrities such as Goldie and Matthew Fox. The studio offers two locations: One in Bolsover Street, Soho, and the other close to Victoria and Westminster. The yoga is all based on the Bikram form of the art, and most classes last around 90 minutes. The exception to this is the express class (taking place at lunchtimes), which lasts for 60 minutes.

A monthly subscription costs £100, and a drop in class costs £20. There are various other ways to pay, including a 21-day introductory trial offer that offers exceptional value for new customers at £40.

Yoga Place E2

The East London studio known simply as Yoga Place E2, promises its customers a ‘sanctuary from the intensity of London life’. In addition to yoga types such as Hatha, Ashtanga and Tantra, they also offer classes for mothers and babies.

It’s an easy studio to get to, being close to the Tube station at Bethnal Green. Another advantage are the prices. Drop in classes start from £8.50, or you can purchase 6 classes for £66 or 20 classes for £190.

The Special Yoga Centre

The Special Yoga Centre is a wonderful place that specialises in providing a therapeutic service for children through yoga. But the centre also provides a whole range of yoga for adults too, including pre-natal yoga, meditation and classes for adults with special needs.

Located in Kilburn, North West London, classes cost £10 for those lasting 60 minutes and £12 for 90 minutes. Children and teenagers prices are £8 for a drop in, and £24 for 4 classes.

The Life Centre

The Life Centre began its journey back in 1993, and has continued to thrive ever since. The original studio in Notting Hill is still going strong, and they now also have a further location in Islington. Classes run 7 days a week in both studios, and you can choose from a variety of different yoga styles, including Yin, Anusara and Vinyasa.

The school also offers pregnancy yoga classes, yoga therapy and yoga for those affected by cancer.

Drop in classes start from £13 for a 50-minute class, and an annual pass cost £1100. There are also other price lists for class passes, concessionary rates and class pass extensions.

Blue Cow Yoga

This yoga studio is handily located for those who work in the City of London, being located close to Moorgate. Blue Cow Yoga offers Vinyasa yoga for a relaxed pace, and dynamic versions of the same that allow you to further develop strength, balance and coordination, as well as working up a sweat!

Drop in prices start from £16, with packages from £130 for 10 classes or £100 a month for unlimited.

Energy Yoga

Energy Yoga has the enviable position of being opposite St Paul’s Cathedral and teaches various types of Sivananda yoga. This type concentrates on the preservation of heath and wellness. Particularly aiming at those who live a stressful lifestyle, the classes are handily carried out during lunchtime and after work.

Price wise, this yoga school offers one of the best value programs of all, with drop in prices at £10, and monthly unlimited passes for £70. And you don’t even need to book in advance, as you can turn up and purchase any price option just before the class.