I heart London

9 Reasons to Love London Life

There’s no doubting that London is one of the most diverse capital cities on the planet. And this means it’s one of the most exciting places to live. But just in case you needed any more proof of this, we thought we’d list what we consider to be 9 of the top reasons to love life in London.

In all honesty, we could probably have listed 100 reasons, not just 9. But for us, these are some of the very best things about the city. And once you arrive here, we’re pretty certain you’ll agree…

1. Amazing Markets

Everyone loves a good market, and in London, no matter what your taste, you’re spoilt for choice. There’s Columbia Road for flowers, Brick Lane for bric-a-brac, vintage and retro, Crystal Palace for food Portobello Road for antiques. And that’s only a few that are on offer.

Whatever your taste in shopping, there’s sure to be a London market that will suit.

2. Because you really can visit Platform 9 ¾’s

Yes, for Harry Potter fans, you really can visit the magic portal at King’s Cross Station that would (if you were a wizard), lead you through to Platform 9 ¾’s. Made famous thanks to JK Rowling’s books, people the world over now travel to get their photo taken beneath the plaque that marks the spot where Harry goes through to wall to catch the Hogwart’s Express.

3. Every day you’ll see some of the most important historical buildings in the world

There’s a reason tourists flock to London in their millions – and that’s the history. But when you live in London, this history is around you day in, day out. Mind blowing places such as The Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and The Houses of Parliament, to name but a few.

Sometimes you have to pinch yourself that this amazing scenery is part of your everyday life…

4. The shopping…

which is some of the best in the world. For those who love the chain stores, you can’t beat the buzz of Oxford Street. Then there’s amazing retro places such as Carnaby Street and Camden Market. And for upmarket chic, there’s nothing quite like the King’s Road and Sloane Square. Quite simply, something for everyone.

5. Fantastic parks to ‘get away from it all’

Sure, other cities have parks, but in London, they just seem to be on a much grander scale. Taking time out in one of the Royal Parks, such as Kensington Gardens, Regents Park or Richmond Park, you really can imagine what it was like to be member of royalty in days gone by. Take a picnic, feed the ducks, ride a horse – a visit to one of London’s famous parks is almost like a day in the countryside…

6. Notting Hill Carnival

Perhaps the most talked about street party in the world, Notting Hill Carnival is something that all ages can enjoy. Every August Bank Holiday, the streets in and around Notting Hill come alive with music, costumes, parties and celebrations for a whole three days. It’s a wonderful affair, and one that every visitor to London should experience at least once.

7. The wildlife is surprisingly varied

There are wild parakeets living around Twickenham, Kingston and Richmond. The River Thames is home to many different types of fish (great for fishermen), wild foxes roam the streets at night, terrapins live in the canals and birds of prey, such as red kites, soar in the skies on the outskirts of the city. Who’d have thought London could be such a haven for wildlife…

8. We’ve got some of the most amazing modern buildings…

With superbly weird names. Such as The Shard, The Gherkin, The Walkie Talkie and The Razor. What’s even more cool is how well these 21st century creations bizarrely compliment the age-old historical buildings that they rub shoulders with. It’s just another thing about the many contradictions London offers, and that make the city so unique.

9. A pretty awesome (and world famous), transport network

Okay, so once you’ve been here a while, you’ll join the thousands of others who moan about The Tube – that’s almost an unwritten law if you live in London. But most people’s rants are rather tongue in cheek, because when it boils down to it, London’s underground train system is pretty amazing, not to mention extremely efficient and economical.

After all, where else can you travel as many times as you like around city the size of London (in Zones 1 and 2), for only £6.40 per day? (Requires the purchase of an All Day Travel Card or Oyster Card to get this daily price).

When visiting London no doubt you’ll come up with your own list of reasons to love London life.

We could have included such delights as the amazing views you can see from various city vantage points, fish and chips, fabulous museums, the ease in which you can get to European destinations…. We could go on.

But in a nutshell, London is never going to be a city you’ll get bored in, because there’s always something new to discover. And that’s what makes it such an amazing place to visit and live.