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Top 10 Areas to Live in London

Deciding where to live in London depends on a multitude of factors, one of the major factors being cost. Other things that need to be taken into consideration include: Distance from work/college/school Your personal circumstances. For instance, are you looking for a home for a family, or perhaps you’re a young professional looking to be […]

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Living in London

Living in London can be both a wonderful and intimidating experience.  Whether you’re moving to study, work or to join other family members, doing some homework before you arrive can make the settling in period far less challenging.  Let’s face it, moving within your own country is stressful enough, so add in the facts of

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Life in London

Living in the capital city of the UK is something that many people aspire to do, and life in London seldom fails to live up to expectations.  The area of London, according to Wikipedia, covers an impressive 1570km2.  Within this you can find sprawling suburbs, tranquil green parks, towering futuristic buildings with fantastic names such

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Cost of Living in London

Well, no one can deny that the cost of living in London is expensive.  However, one thing that’s in a Londoner’s favour is that the wages in the capital city are, in general, higher than anywhere else in the country. The latest government study showed that property prices (or rental prices) were the biggest reason that

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London vs Birmingham

When you think of the cities of the UK, London is always the first to spring to mind. But there are some other fantastic cities in the country, one of which is the Midlands city of Birmingham. Now being dubbed as ‘Britain’s second city’, Birmingham has seen a massive influx of Londoners moving here, thanks

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Moving to London with Pets

Moving to a new country is always a big undertaking, no matter how used to travelling you are, and bringing your pets with you adds even more to think about. But providing you prepare well in advance and do plenty of research, you should settle in to London life nicely as so many others have

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