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Top 10 Areas to Live in London

Deciding where to live in London depends on a multitude of factors, one of the major factors being cost. Other things that need to be taken into consideration include:

  • Distance from work/college/school
  • Your personal circumstances. For instance, are you looking for a home for a family, or perhaps you’re a young professional looking to be in a buzzing, trendy area.


These are only a couple of considerations that will influence your search. But there are certain aspects that everyone wants in a place they’re thinking of calling home. These include a low crime rate, good amenities and a handy public transport links.

So with these in mind, below is a list of the top 10 areas in London that will suit people with a variety of different personal circumstances.

1. Richmond Upon Thames

This area of South West London will appeal to those who want to have great options to get into the centre of the city, but also want to live in a place that has more of a small town feel. Richmond has a lovely village green with a couple of pubs overlooking it.

This really is quintessential England, and in the summer months you can watch cricket teams playing. There’s an excellent array of shops, and the area has the added advantage of having one of the lowest crime rates in all of London. Recommended for families and young professionals with a high disposable income.

2. Greenwich

This trendy area is located in South East London and is home to the Prime Meridian, so it stands in both the eastern and western hemispheres. Located on the banks of the River Thames, Greenwich has excellent transport links into the centre of the city thanks to the Docklands Light Railway. There are plenty of trendy cafes, bars and restaurants, and some excellent schools if you have children. Good for families and young professionals.

3. Clapham

Once again boasting large open spaces, Clapham is one of the trendiest areas of the city to live. This South West London area has excellent shops, restaurants, amenities, transport links and schools. But in common with the two areas listed above, it’s certainly not the cheapest area in which to live.

4. Camden

There’s no denying it, Camden is perhaps one of the hippest areas in all of London. It has a wonderful market, which sells all kinds of alternative items. Tattoo parlours line the main thoroughfare and if you’re into music, then you’ll think you’ve arrived in heaven! For the young, (and young at heart), Camden is a wonderful place to live. Buzzing, vibrant and just a little bit crazy…

5. Notting Hill

Made famous by the film, Notting Hill really is a place that lives up to the hype. For amenities, restaurants, trendy bars and cafes, wonderful quirky shops, and of course, the world famous carnival, this West London area has a unique charm. It’s not the cheapest area in which to live, that’s for sure, but being so central it appeals to both young professionals and families alike.

6. Hammersmith

The West London borough of Hammersmith is superbly located, with excellent transport links provided by buses and tube. It has a buzzing central high street and shops that provide everything you can think of. There’s a good array of schools, plus enough bars and restaurants to keep you going for a very long time…

7. Hackney

This used to be one of the poorest areas of London. But now, Hackney is one of the coolest places in the whole of the city. It’s a popular area for young professionals, as well as those who work in the media or in a creative industry. You won’t want for shops, amenities, pubs, clubs and restaurants here, and the transport options into the centre of the city are excellent.

8. Brixton

If you’re looking for an area that’s slightly easier on the pocket, then the South London neighbourhood of Brixton might be a fit. Once again, some years ago Brixton was virtually a no-go area – but not any more. It has excellent shopping, a wonderful array of eateries providing food from all over the world and has a throbbing nightlife scene. It’s also home to the O2 Academy Brixton, so for those who enjoy the best in live music, this could be the ideal place in which to live.

9. Islington

A popular location with families, Islington in North London is that little bit more affordable than certain other places in the city. The local population is varied, with city workers, students and families all happily living in the same area. It also has the added advantage of being very centrally located, meaning that you can walk into the very centre of London in about 30 minutes. But if you prefer to save your feet, then the public transport options are well served with London buses and the underground tube trains.

10. Crystal Palace

Originally home to a palace of the same name, Crystal Palace is an area of South London that will appeal to families and young professionals looking for a slightly cheaper area to live. But don’t think that means this is a down market neighbourhood, because nothing could be further from the truth.

True, it’s a longer tube journey to the centre of the city than some of the other areas. But if you’re looking for a home that boast both beautiful open spaces with the best of all amenities, then you might just fall in love with Crystal Palace. The area also has the added advantage of being located on a hill, giving you great views of the city on a clear day.