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10 Best American Shops in London

You might think that you can get everything from back home in the regular grocery stores in London. And indeed, you can buy some items that are US-specific in supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons.

But by no stretch of the imagination can you get everything that you’re used to being able to buy back home. And horror upon horror – some products that seem to look the same as those back at home are made very differently for the UK market.

For truly authentic US products, you need to seek out the specialist stores that cater especially for you – the US expat. So let’s let you in on the secrets that you might not yet know about – the 10 best American shops in London…

1. The American Food Store

Located in Ladbroke Grove, the American Food Store has, for the past 6 years, been providing real American products to both US expats and those who’ve also come to love products from the US of A…

And they really know their stuff – such as providing US versions of Cheerios (no sugar), American Sodas, candy, A&W Root Beer, Hershey bars, Heinz Hot Dog Relish… The list goes on and on.

They’ve been featured on the BBC as well as London Live, and the great thing about the shop is that not only can you visit and browse the shelves in person, but you can also order online.

2. Panzer’s

Panzer’s in St. John’s Wood offers a great selection of American products. From home baking to pickles, cookies to soda – you’ll find it all here.

You can visit their store or you can purchase online. And their delivery prices are pretty reasonable as well, especially if you live in the local area to the shop (such as St. John’s Wood, Hampstead, or Highgate – where you’ll only pay £4.75 for delivery).

3. Partridges

With a few stores, one on the King’s Road, one in Sloane Square, and one in Kensington, Partridges of London is one of the very few family-run food shops left in London.

They sell an excellent selection of US food, including cereals, cookies and crackers, baking and dessert products, drinks, and those necessary Thanksgiving essentials.

In addition to their locations around London, you can also shop online and have your groceries delivered to your door.

4. American Apparel

If you’re looking for clothing that’s all guaranteed to be made in the USA, then look no further than American Apparel.

Located in the Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherd’s Bush, this is a great store to pick up all your basics – be it for him, her, or the kids.

Of course, there are plenty of American Apparel shops all over London, but if you’re not yet over here, it can be a relief to know that you can purchase clothes from home without any drama.

5. American Soda

Billing itself as “the real taste of America in Europe,” American Soda provides drinks, candy, baking products, groceries, and also non-food American items here in the UK.

OK, we are cheating a little bit, as there’s no opportunity to go in store to buy, you have to order online. But the choice is so varied and so great, we thought it would be rude not to include it in the list.

6. CyberCandy

With stores in Covent Garden and Camden Town, CyberCandy sells exactly what you’d imagine from the title – candy!

But in addition to this, you can also choose from their bakery, with things like Twinkies and Oreos, and also some breakfast cereals.

But what they really concentrate on is the candy – and they do it very well.

And for those times that you can’t quite make it to the store, and only American candy will do, you can also order online…

7. Selfridges Food Hall

Yes, big old Selfridges has a fair few authentic American grocery items in their food hall. Located on Oxford Street, it’s impossible to miss.

You might pay a few pence more for items here than some of the other places mentioned, but it’s handy to know and well located.

8. Harvey Nichols Food Market

Yes, good old Harvey Nicks stocks a range of American products in their Food Market (plus you can also take full advantage of the rest of the store, and the lovely cafes and restaurants there as well).

Located in Knightsbridge, it’s again in a wonderful location to combine other shopping that you might want to do as well.

9. Skyco

Okay, so Skyco is another online only retailer, but once again, they have a superb range of US grocery products – probably one of the largest we’ve seen.

In addition to being able to purchase online and have the products delivered to your front door, Skyco also offer a membership option.

Here you pay an annual fee of £10, and then you get a 10% discount on all your shopping for the year. You also get free home or work delivery on all orders over £50.

10. PS Foods

 Not quite in London, but on the outskirts (in Watford – an easy train ride from Euston), PS Foods Ltd. is one of the UK’s largest importers of genuine American branded foods.

They have a cash and carry store, and you can also purchase online from their vast range.

In addition to buying “off the shelf,” PS Foods also offers a bespoke buying service. This means that if you want a product that is perhaps not one that would usually be imported, they can use their dedicated US based buying department and get it imported to the UK for you – either to pick up or to have it delivered right to your front door.

They also offer a “bargain corner” – with Buy One, Get One Free offers, short dated products, and even expired stock. Perfect for the bargain hunters amongst you.

In addition to food and grocery items, the store also stocks a small amount of American toys and games as well.