London CrossFit

11 Best CrossFit Gyms In London

There’s a reason the military and police forces around the world use CrossFit as a method of training their recruits. Because it works! It’s a way of honing the body into amazing shape using strength and conditioning in ways other than the bland, corporate gyms that, let’s face it, are boring and dull to use. […]

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Chicago Skyline

London vs. Chicago Cost of Living

Besides being 3958 miles (6370 km) apart, there are other very large differences between Chicago and London. The cost of living is another one of those differences. But surprisingly, according to crowd sourcing data website Numbeo, the average wage after tax in both places is pretty similar. In Chicago, the mean take home salary is £2,072

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Living in London

Living in London can be both a wonderful and intimidating experience.  Whether you’re moving to study, work or to join other family members, doing some homework before you arrive can make the settling in period far less challenging.  Let’s face it, moving within your own country is stressful enough, so add in the facts of

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London Department Store

Top 7 London Department Stores

London is certainly well off for amazing department stores. Most need no introduction and each offers an incredible array of different goods on offer. In fact, for some even carrying one of their bags with the fabled logo is the epitome of shopping in London. So, without further ado – here is our ultimate guide

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